Blythe's Bliss, LLC In-Home Therapeutic Massage in NJ

Mission Statement

At Blythe’s Bliss, LLC, I am committed to my client’s wellbeing, in mind, body and soul. I commit to put my client’s needs first and foremost in all aspects of our interaction.

I will ease your Mind; my desire is to put your questions and concerns to rest. First, by giving you all the information I can on how I function as a business and as a therapist. Second, by explaining the benefits and purpose of massage therapy. Thirdly and most importantly, to ensure that you are comfortable on my table and in your knowledge of what to expect from me, each and every time I see you.

I commit to put your Body in a relaxed and healing state, to ensure you are at your best. By giving your body the attention you can’t give yourself, I will work to release your stress and prompt your body’s natural healing response to react and restore.

By combining these, your Soul is given the chance to Revive and refresh. You will be able to reconnect with yourself and enhance your daily life.